Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Team Ten Fingers Ten Toes

Welcome to the expedition website for Team Ten Fingers Ten Toes. I've created this site to share information about our upcoming expedition to climb the West Buttress of Denali (aka Mount McKinley). At 20,320 feet it is the highest peak in North America and one of the Seven Summits.

Through the miracles of modern technology (i.e. my cell phone) I'm hoping to provide frequent updates and photos while we are on our expedition. That being said I'd like to ask everyone to keep in mind that "no news is good news". If you do not see any updates for several days it could be for any number of reasons - a dead battery being recharged, no cell service, nothing new to report, too busy working hard, or bad weather keeping me from doing anything other than hiding in my tent.

We begin our expedition on June 2nd by flying to Anchorage, Alaska then traveling overland to Talkeetna. If the weather cooperates Talkeetna Air Taxi should be able to fly us onto the glacier at Kahiltna Base Camp sometime June 3rd. From there we'll be own our own with only what we carry on our backs for up to 4 weeks.

While you wait for updates from our expedition check out some of the information I've included on this site. NOVA's interactive "Climb Denali" gives a good overview of the route we'll be climbing with 360 degree photos at each camp and 3D flybys up the route.